Delimiter attribute on macro, if, else-if and else tags

The macro, if, else-if and else tags can have multiple children, but
don’t have the delimiter attribute. Should they have one, or is just
concatenating the children with an empty delimiter good enough?


can you give an example?


–> “tag1tag2”


–> “tag1, tag2”

Note that this is not exactly the same as using pre- and suffixes, but
is in most cases probably. I just noticed this because these tags have
children tags, but I couldn’t use my grouping superclass on them
(Python can have more than one superclass for a class). I just thought
it could be handy to allow this attribute on these tags as well. It
seems less hassle to me than having to decide on which tag the pre- or
suffix goes.


I used the stuff for this sort of case (inside the if)