CSL proposal

If you have a chance, can you take a look at this request?


I have the feeling the specifics are wrong, and that it might have
more in common with recent discussion around datatypes and such.


At first glance this seems unnecessary to me. I guess it should be
possible to test wether you would get a result from a macro by using
an if-tag with the required attributes needed to build the macro. He
showed that in his example by testing in the if-tag for the issued
variable. I do not find his second snippet easier to read, more
confusing actually. I wonder if there are any situations were this is
really needed or cannot be done with current CSL. I’ll be all for it
if I he can show us an example of something that cannot be done

Btw, a use-this-alternate-macro-when-this-macro-or-group-returns-an-
empty-string attribute could possibly cause an infinite loop,
especially when added to the macro-tag. That said, I do think it is
not necessarily out of the question to put this in. I can see where it
could be less verbose at times. But I am not sure it if is really that
important to add it.

Infinite loop situation:

... ...

Btw, Bruce, you didn’t respond to my et-al mail of yesterday anymore.
Just wondering what your answers would be.