cms on particles

So CMS actually has a few pages just on this topic, beyond what Frank
and I recently discussed.

Some excerpts:

French and Spanish:

For last names only (or in sorting?) “de is often dropped. Its
occasional retention, in de Gaulle, for example, is suggested by
tradition rather than logic.”

But “La” or “Le” is not dropped.

German, Italian, Portuguese:

“In the original languages, particles … are usually dropped when the
last name is used alone. But if the form with the particle is the one
familiar to English speakers, it should be used.”

They include Humbolt, where they drop the “von”


particle is lowercased in full name, but uppercased in only last name
(or sort form?)


The prefixes (“al”, etc.) are typically consider part of the famly name.

On suffixes:

“retained in indexing but are placed after the given name and preceded
by a comma”

Unfortunately, nothing about how this interacts with particles (which
takes precedence).

Of course, this is all about rendering international names in English;
doesn’t cover other locales (though certainly may suggest them in some


Automatic dropping of particles is going to be tricky without per-author
locale information (or any other kind of hint on how particles should be
handled). E.g. the “de” particle is both very common in Dutch names and in
French/Spanish names. Whereas this particle would (usually) be dropped for
French/Spanish names, it would be retained for Dutch ones.


I think this can probably be handled in the data so that it’s not
really automatic.


Do you want to include support for particle-dropping in CSL 1.0? Or wouldn’t
it require any changes to the schema?


I don’t know. Let’s see where we stand when we get the basics in place.