Choose by variable value

Hi, everybody.
I tried to find an answer in documentation, unfortunately, couldn’t
I try to change an existing csl for specific journal requirement.
The specifics is following: journal requires to indicate an original language of publication in case of non English publications in form: (in Italian; in Russian, etc.). I have added code to csl:
<if variable="language" match="any">
<group prefix=", (" suffix=")">
<text value="in "/>
<text variable="language"/>

It works fine. However, it works for any language, incl. English
Is it possible to publish this if variable “language” not equals “English” (or En, or eng)?
If so, I would be very grateful if somebody could “push” me to correct way slight_smile:

Thank you in advance,

You can test for the locale, but you’d need to use the extended CSL version CSL-M:

<if locale="en">

To use this, I think you’ll need to change the style version to version="1.1mlz1". Zotero will throw errors if you install such a style, but it will work nevertheless.