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Chicago styles without ibids again / naming conventions

I just came across this thread in the Zotero forums:

Shouldn’t we finally add a Chicago style that uses short titles on each citation? I think the main stumbling block was how to name that style given the variety of Chicago styles that already exist.

We did a while ago. I link to it in that thread

Yes, I’ve seen that. So, chicago-note-bibliography-short-title-subsequent would be an appropriate name for a style that uses short-titles even on the first citation?

It would be, but I don’t actually think there’s demand for that. I don’t think that’s what the user in that thread is asking for, nor have I seen anyone else request it – the (note) style is used far less than full notes in the first place, and I suspect most/all of those users are fine with the ibid/just author version.

The multiple requests and discussions about naming were, I’m pretty sure, all for full note with shortened subsequent notes. So I’m happy to add this style if we have a sense that people actually want it, but the number of CMoS styles is already confusing and a drag to keep updated the way things are, so I’d wait until we actually know it’s needed (in the sense of requested with any frequency) before adding it.

I guess you’re right regarding this particular thread.

Regarding general demand: I don’t know how common that really is, but I remember helping someone on the pandoc-discuss list not to long ago with this. And you may have forgotten about your gist that has been posted in this thread. But I guess you’re right and that does not count as much demand.