[Bibdesk-users] One bib item, multiple references

Are people aware of the Physics citations styles that have more than
one publication referred to by a [1] single reference in-text? I
wasn’t, but hey I don’t do physics. This might require some special
processing, or at least an in-text command/ or maybe just citation
style logic saying that multiple citations should be formatted
together. Check the discussion and Physical Review style guide below.

Apologies if this is implemented/well-known.

–JBegin forwarded message:

I wasn’t aware of that; thanks. I suppose I could imagine some crazy
note style might want to do the reverse: have: separate footnote
marks for each reference.

I guess we’ll need some configuration flag for that then. Maybe:

This parameter determines how to number citations with multiple

references. If set to true,

output might yield [1], while otherwise it would be [1, 2, 3].

combine-numbers = attribute combine-numbers { “true” | “false” }

Any feedback?