atom feeds

Been thinking more about Atom feeds for the CSL files.

In the schema, I have started to add support for a default category
list, that corresponds to fields (pyschology, history, etc.). Those
categories will also have a corresponding RDF file (encoded using
SKOS), with internationalized descriptions of terms.

The idea, then, is that CSL files get described with consistent URIs.

The Atom files would then be generated based on the categories; so
one for each field.

Finally, I think we should embed a rendered XHTML preview of the
style in the atom:content or atom:summary element.

In the end, then, I would probably subscribe to “social_science” and
"geography" feeds.


The main thing is that it be easy to grab the CSL files from the web,
which would get locally cached, and then updated when they change. I
guess the last bit can happen independent of the feeds.

We still need a script to do all this (generate previews, extract
metadata, generate feeds), but that’ll be easy enough I imagine. Am
not sure what sort of restrictions SF has on scripts; they might need
to be run locally on the SVN repo, and the output uploaded via FTP to
the site.

Unless people have better suggestions.