[Zotero] #1365: allow CSL directory to be user-configured

Might be of more general interest.

My basic thought is that all CSL implementations probably ought to
think about caching styles at a common location; maybe '~/.csl/styles’
so they can be shared.---------- Forwarded message ----------
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Date: Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 11:04 AM
Subject: [Zotero] #1365: allow CSL directory to be user-configured
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#1365: allow CSL directory to be user-configured
Reporter: bdarcus | Owner: simon
Type: enhancement | Status: new
Priority: minor | Milestone:
Component: styles | Version: 1.0
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As more applications start to use CSL for style configuration*, there
might be value in allowing a user-configurable style directory, and
perhaps consider a default like ‘~/.csl/styles’.

  • the new application Mendeley, for example, stores CSL files in its
    application package, and most/all of them are taken from the Zotero
    repository. I personally use CSL with both Zotero and Pandoc + citeproc-