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Hi Justus & Bruce,

I’m looking for a unified framework for Web-based publication lists
(personal, research group, department-wide)

refbase supports automatic generation of citation lists. Some

Show all publications (in cite view sorted by year with 100 entries
per page) by the Institute for Polar Ecology (“IPÖ”) but exclude any
theses and/or duplicate entries:


and only PhD theses from IPÖ (in classical author-year ordering,
15 entries per page, without links and in print view):


Display all those publications by author “Piepenburg” that this
author has selected to be included within his list of selected


The script supports many more fields for query and different output

and XBiblio-like document processing

The next version of refbase will support citation output via xbiblio.
Processing of full XML documents won’t be initially supported, though.

The eXist MODS example
(http://demo.exist-db.org/exist/mods/biblio.xq) is quite nice, but
I’d also need a convenient Web interface to enter individual
references, and to import references from a file.

You may want to checkout refbase using our demo database:


Currently, import is only provided for Endnote users via a command
line conversion utility. Implementation of full import capabilities
for common bibliographic formats (via bibutils and the web GUI) is of
high priority, though.

Anyway, Matthias Steffens (on this list) has been working hard on
adding MODS, SRU and citeproc (the name of my XSLT code) to his app
RefBase. He has a demo working that integrates my citation

Matthias, when do you expect to release that?

That’s a tricky question! :wink: I’m in the final stage of my PhD which
always causes delays regarding refbase development efforts :-/. So I
fear I can’t tell when we’ll have a release ready for download.
Anyhow, I hope to complete the xbiblio support during the next weeks
and the scripts will be available via the SourceForge CVS.

[Btw, I’ll haven’t found time to try out your suggestions which you
mailed yesterday but I’ll do so next week]

Best regards, MatthiasOn 27-May-2005 Justus Piater wrote:
On 27-May-2005 Bruce D’Arcus wrote:

Matthias Steffens ---- @Matthias_Steffens

refbase — a web-based, platform-independent,
multi-user application for managing scientific
literature, references and citations


Don’t worry; it won’t work anyway :wink:

I had to one or two other changes.