Wave support

Just thought I’d mention this here, since not everyone may have seen
my post on zotero-dev, and I think the idea relates to a number of
things we’ve previously discussed WRT to document portability and

In short, I think …

  1. Google Wave has the potential to be really, really important to
    research and education

  2. citation processing is an obvious case for a Robot

See someone that’s thinking along similar lines:


My basic thought is the robot should:

a) use CSL for style config (no surprise)

b) be based on a distributed notion of where the citation data comes
from. E.g I think it would be a utter disaster if we saw ten different
robots, each for a different application or service. We’ve been doing
that approach for decades, and it’s broken.

I’m not sure it’s too premature to ask this: is anyone interested in
putting together a project for this?