update on grouping issues

Re: previous note about grouping in the reference list, here’s
something that exposes the funkiness from my book. In the same
reference list, I have:

Blomley, N. (1994a) Law, Space, and the Geographies of Power, (New

———. (1994b) Mobility, Empowerment, and the Rights Revolution,
Political Geography, 13 pp. 407–22.

… and

Herbert, S. (1997) Policing Space: Territoriality and the Los Angeles
Police Department, (Minneapolis:University of Minnesota Press).

Herbert, S. (2001) ‘Hard Charger’ or ‘Station Queen’?: Policing and
the Masculinist State, Gender, Place and Culture, 8(1) pp. 55–71.

So clearly the rule that switches in the shortening is now only getting
applied when there is more than one in an author-year group, rather
than just an author group. Lines 368-71 in citeproc.xsl:

                   test="bib:key[@position &gt; 1] and 


This suggests there’s again a problem with position(), as the bib:key
virtual element (what I mentioned earlier) is created like so (line

                 <xsl:if test="$count > 1">
                   <bib:key type="year-suffix" 

<xsl:number value="$position" format=“a”/>

Perhaps the problem is the count variable (line 226)? I tried adding a
new author-count variable in the preceding group and using that, but it
didn’t work.

I’m still not exactly sure what you did to get the partial fix David,
but it seems maybe you need to apply that logic to wherever position()
or count() is used?


Hi all…

I have move the location of the Trac interfact to

I havent looked into trying to support a redirect via any call to the
old /cgi-bin/trac.cgi URI fragment but, to be honest, with as much
trouble as I have encountered with getting a multiple project Trac
environment up and running I really dont want to mess with it at this
point unless you all feel it to be a mandatory thing. In theory it
shouldnt take more than a few minutes to do but I’ve decided “in
theory” is a Trac codeword for “clear your schedule for the next 3
days cuz’ your asking for trouble” so if you all are cool with using
the above URL instead I will be a much happier man because of it.



That’s fine.

Deadline for milestone 0.6 is tomorrow :wink:


BTW, one easy way to debug at least some of this is to change this:

 <xsl:if test="$biboutfile">
   <xsl:result-document href="{$biboutfile}" format="xml">
     <xsl:copy-of select="$raw-biblist"/>

… to this:

 <xsl:if test="$biboutfile">
   <xsl:result-document href="{$biboutfile}" format="xml">
     <xsl:copy-of select="$enhanced-biblist"/>

You can then output the temporary tree, which yields stuff like:

<mods:mods xmlns:mods="http://www.loc.gov/mods/v3"