stats for most used styles?


Where can on find stats for most used citation styles?


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I have never seen such stats - I also wouldn’t know what "most used"
means - most people, most publications, most journals, most citations?
And are you referring to CSL styles or to citation styles in general?
That said, I would be shocked if the most used styles didn’t include
Vancouver/NLM, APA, and Chicago Manual of Style.

I don’t know if the Zotero team can easily track how often each style is
downloaded from I don’t think they are collecting
that data right now. That said, I imagine you could do this type of
tracking yourself in Mendeley by anonymously collecting info on which CSL
styles users have installed.

You might also be interested in a Zotero forum thread that discussed which
default styles should ship with Zotero 3.0 ( ). The
current collection of Zotero-bundled styles is maintained at And I wrote a script a while back
to see which independent styles have the most dependents: .