splitting the schema?

I’ve mentioned this before, but as we move towards 0.9, I’d like to resolve it:

For ease of maintenance and such, I think it’d be best if we split the
schema between the core syntax, and the variable and type lists. That
might yield a directory like:

csl.rnc # this just has the metadata, and imports the rest

… and maybe also a separate one for contributors (though having that
in “variables” is fine too).

Any thoughts/objections?


I’ve checked in the start of the “split” branch. I would expect
validation to fail ATM, but haven’t had time to finish it; it’s
probably 80% done. If one were to run cat on the final files, the
result would be more-or-less (minus some include statements in the
main file) the same as the current trunk csl.rnc file.

You would still feed a validator the same csl.rnc file; it’s just the
processor would pull in the linked files as well.