Sort citations by year

Is it possible to sort citations by year? I need to have a group of
citations to be sorted by year (ascending). E.g. (Kool, 1997,
D’Arcus, 1998, Kornblith, 2004) vs. (D’Arcus, 1998, Kool, 1997,
Kornblith, 2004).

Is this similar to name-as-sort-order? I don’t quite understand the
explanation given with it in the schema notes.


Good question, and we need to address it.

By default, I asume in citeproc that citations are sorted by
author-date in the author-date style.

Am open to suggestions on how to address this, but am busy at the
moment, so have to go.


Maybe just add to the element?


Yeah, that’s the sensible approach.

I’m still wondering whether we need fully configurable sorting, BTW.