Multiple works by the same author published in the same year - ordered incorrectly per Chicago style

Scenario: multiple references with the same author, published in the same year.

Chicago rule 15.20 says to order these alphabetically, by title:

Two or more works by the same author in the same year must be differentiated by the addition of a , b , and so forth (regardless of whether they were authored, edited, compiled, or translated) and are listed alphabetically by title.

Using CSL, these instead seem to be ordered chronologically, by issued date:

In the example above, the reference order should be reversed: ordered by title “Employment…” first, instead of by date.

Is it possible to make this work to fit Chicago style? If there is no workaround, I could write an issue in the CSL github repo.

This bug is reproducible with zepinglee/citeproc-js@c8e02b7 and the following are the sort keys. It seems the CSL style sorts bibliography by the whole date including month and day. This can be fixed by adding a date-sort macro producing only the year part for for sorting. Need a PR to the CSL styles repository?

[sort_ChicagoYear] sort keys (bibliography_sort): BLS|,120240100100000000|,Labor|Force|Participation|Rate|-|25-54|yrs.,|Men|
[sort_ChicagoYear] sort keys (bibliography_sort): BLS|,120240200100000000|,Employment|Situation|Summary|-|2024|M02|Results|
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Need a PR to the CSL styles repository?

Yes, that would be great! Thank you for looking into this.

@bwiernik By the way, is there a collection of CMoS sample entries similar to the APA items in Zotero | Groups > Test Items Library? I don’t expect my changes break any other formats.

No, unfortunately not