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Processor support for CSL-JSON 1.1?

Hello, and thanks for CSL-JSON, citeproc-js, all the effort.

I need to track institution along with author, and I was wondering if citeproc-js supports the v1.1 branch of the csl json schema. I read that citeproc picks up CSL-m via the schema version in the input. Will it do the same for v1.1? If not, are there plans to do so, what is the order-of-magnitude expectation of when that would come about (months, years, etc?)

Thanks again.

Hi, CSL 1.1 has not been released yet, so there’s no processor that supports it currently. Of course, the expectation is that all major CSL implementations will support CSL 1.1 eventually, but since 1.1 hasn’t been released yet it’s hard to tell when that will be. Many features of CSL 1.1 are inspired by CSL-M, so it should be quite trivial to add support for CSL 1.1 in citeproc-js. But I cannot speak for @Frank_Bennett, and I don’t know what his plans are.

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Thank you for your reply, Denis. I think I’ll target 1.1 for storage and see if I can be useful in a small way as this progresses.