openoffice/odf metadata field

I’ve mentioned this before, but I believe this documentation is fairly new:

Note the explanation uses our use case :wink:

Would be cool to experiment with hooking up citeproc-js to this.


In relation to this I’m looking for a good RDFa representation of
document metadata to place onto our document pages, it should
encompass not only the regular citation information, but also links to
other representations of the document, and pointers, perhaps with
foaf, to pages that represent authors.

  • Ian

Yeah, Zotero needs this too :wink:

So my site has RDFa; e.g.:

The only one you list not covered here is the links to other
representations. Basically, you’d want to have a link with a
dc:hasFormat predicate for each of the formats (PDF, HTML, etc.).

I should also mention that dealing with author lists is a bit of a
PITA with RDFa.

Perhaps we should work some real world examples out, along with
reference lists, and post a full example on the BIBO pages?

I can help some with this, but just warn you that I’m super busy for
the next couple of months.