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Open Publishing Awards Nomination?

Rintze already retweeted this from the CSL Twitter account – any interest in putting together a CSL nomination for the Open Publishing Awards?
Here are the criteria:

Open source software in the Publishing sector. This can include publishing platforms, repositories, curatorial management systems, peer-review systems, pre-print platforms, and tools that are used further down the line by authors and researchers such as notebooks, data analyzing tools, editors etc. The only criteria is that the project uses an open source license (such as those defined by the Open Source Initiative). Nominations may be for a project or organisation.

I think CSL being used both by authors and within lots of publishing tools and platforms (open and closed source) would be a strong contender and looks like little work.
Deadline is September 20. If there’s any interest, I’d put up a google doc to jointly edit.

(edit: I originally wrote Reilly, but they just tweeted about them. The awards are organized by the CoKo foundation and not associated with a publisher)


Seems like a great fit for CSL