new website, hosting changes

So as we get towards the finish line with the CSL 1.0 schema and spec,
we’re going to make some changes away from Sourceforge.

I’ve registered the domain, and the zotero guys
have offered to host the site, which will include a wordpress install
for basic CMS functionality.

Rintze found these two themes that look like they might be appropriate
as a basis…

… but we need to modify either one to create a distinctive visual
look (the header image, color, fonts). If anyone with design skills
has time and interest, please feel free to experiment. I really don’t
have the skills, and my time is now severely constrained.

The site will also host the CSL spec and any related documentation,
and the updated zotero CSL styles. We’ll see if it evolves beyond that
(which I’d like).

I’m also planning on moving the schema repo to either bitbucket or
github, both of which have nice, simple, issue trackers.

A question on this: is it really important to maintain much of the
schema history, or is it fine to just retain the differences between
the current tagged versions?

At the point at which we flip the switch on this, I’ll probably move
all (or most) of the xbib svn repo into an “archive” directory and put
a README that explains the changes.