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New way to specify unprefixed URLs in styles

I don’t have the MLA Handbook 9th edition, but the 8th edition says in 2.5.2 URLs and DOIs :

When giving a URL, copy it in full from your Web browser, but omit http:// or https://.

but modern-language-association.csl just copies the URL that is given as argument. I think it would be best if the style could remove the http:// and https:// prefixes. It is currently not possible to indicate that an URL should be output without the prefix, I think there could be a new markup to do so, perhaps something like <text variable="URL" url-style="remove-protocol"/> ?

see removing http:// and https:// from URLs in MLA · Issue #5545 · citation-style-language/styles · GitHub

Sorry for the late reply.

That’s indeed kind of awkward.

We should probably consider this along with the recent suggestions we added to the spec document on handling links.

cc @bwiernik @Denis_Maier

Would a new value for @form make sense here? (Obviously, the problem is that URLs are currently rendered with text, so adding a new attribute like @url-style or a new value for @form will potentially cause headaches for other variables. E.g. what is <text variable="title url-style=“no-protocol”/> supposed to mean?)

I think it makes a lot of sense yes!

So, I’m not entirely sure what the next step is… should I open an issue on the schema git repository?

I think so; yes.

If you haven’t already, you might take a look at this section on links I mentioned above, which is just a first stab at it.