new mods version

FYI, the LoC released a new version of MODS a little awhile back with
some minor changes. Among them is allowing the “part” element pretty
much anywhere (earlier it was only allowed on
relatedItem/@type=‘host’). Also, elements that can include xlinks no
longer require children.

It so happens that both off these changes make it easier to normalize
data in a way that you’d do with BibTeX macros or with RDF.

To wit, below is how you could represent a journal article, where the
journal detail would be stored elsewhere.

Any thoughts on this? Is it worth pushing this as a better way to
represent chapters and articles and such?

In related news, I’m increasingly interested in RDF, and in particular
something based around PRISM. Coincidentally, it’s very easy to
transfer between the below and RDF/PRISM. An XSLT to do so would be
brain-dead easy (the hard work is the normalizing to begin with).


Discipline Without Frontiers? Representations of the Mettray Reformatory Colony in Britain, 1840-1880 Driver Felix author 1990 text 3 272 293 Driver1990a