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Need Documentation Help

I, along with @Denis_Maier and @bwiernik have been active on trying to close some of the outstanding issues, while figuring out a more streamlined and forward-looking github workflow.

Within that effort, I’ve focused in particular on updating the schema.

But we will also need to update the documentation alongside that, and also fix some gaps there.

Norm Walsh, of DocBook fame, posted a few issues on the test-suite repo tracker related to the latter.

Oh, and I see he submitted at least one issue on the documentation tracker.

Now that I look at that repo, we’ve got a ton of PRs to address. Ugh; I’m not sure I have the bandwidth to do this.

If anyone can submit PRs and/or feedback on those to address, that’d be great! We’ve been good about closing the schema-related changes; now we need to do the same on the docs.