Need bibtex keys "venue" and "eventtitle" as variables in CSL schema

Hello there,
I need to expand and adapt the CSL Schema files so that they know the bibtex keys “venue” and “eventtitle”. These bibtex keys should then be integrated in the bibtex document type “inproceedings”. I have searched through the public CSL schema files but they don’t seem to have the required variables. Is there a possibility to adapt the schema files for the described purpose?
Thanks in advance
F. Fritze

event and event-place should work for this, no?
FWIW, the relevant question would be what is needed for citations; bibtex mappings aren’t really something that’s particularly relevant for us. When considering new variables or types, we ask if there’s a need for them in citation styles, so we’d want to see examples of where the current variables aren’t sufficient for that purpose.

Thanks for the quick response.
The reason why I asked for the variables “venue” and “eventtitle” is that we got a lot of bibtex data with the document type “inproceedings” where we got those two bibtex keys “venue” and “eventtitle”. So we want to format these inproceedings that we got the structure:
Author, Papertitle, Eventtitle, Venue, Year.
But the CSL Schema does not know the aforementioned keys. That’s why I asked for a CSL schema adaptation.
Is that possible or would you suggest another workaround?
Kind regards
F. Fritze

I think there is some confusion here. BibTeX and CSL are two completely separate things. If you want to use bibtex data to cite in CSL, you have to map bibtex variables to CSL variables. There’s no reason variables have to be called the same thing for that. If you’re using someone else’s tool, you should contact them to fix their mapping. If you do the mapping yourself you can just map bibtex venue --> event-place and bibtex eventtitle --> event. There’s no need to adjust the CSL schema.

Thanks again.
So for me to understand it completely: When we have a third party software that reads bibtex data and uses csl styles to print a certain citation format then these csl styles (for example for the “inproceedings” document type) just need to have the “event-place” and “eventtitle” variable but the mapping from bibtex to csl variables needs to be integrated in the third party software itself. It has nothing to do with the schema or the csl styles we use.
Is that right?

Exactly – out of curiousity, what tool/software are you using?

We have Bibsonomy as bibliographic software and OpenCMS as CMS and for OpenCMS we have a plugin that can read Bibsonomy and print a list of bibliographic entries. This OpenCMS plugin can use CSL styles to format the bibliographic data in a certain way.

This conversation was really helpful. So thanks again!

This. A venue is the place where an event takes place, after all.

Yeah, I think this was just confusion about how bibtex and CSL relate. I think it makes a lot of sense for tools like Bibsonomy to use CSL to generate citations from bibtex data and not go into great length about the exact process that entails, but that does mean it’s not always clear where in that chain a problem originates. As we figured out, the problem here was entirely a question of missing mapping.

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