Citation Style Language

Adopting v1.0.2

Although the v1.0.2 release is backwards-compatible, I think I cannot adopt it directly. For example, I could now map the BibLaTeX fields isan, ismn, isrn and iswc to their respective CSL properties where I previously mapped them to number. However, if I map them to CSL’s ISAN/ISMN/ISRN/ISWC then output styles might not fall back to those properties. Should I wait to use those fields until styles are updated or will citeproc fall back on those if number is unavailable? Or just use both?

Second, I was curious about the deprecation notice of *-title-short variables. I assume that only applies to their use in styles, not in the data model?

The data model will also be moving to treating titles as objects.

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