Name-as-sort-order problems


I’m currently working on a style for one of the departments at my institution: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><style class="note" version="1.0" name-d -

Name formatting gives me some headaches. In particular, I’m having trouble with this macro:

  <macro name="choreographie">
      <if type="performance motion_picture" match="any">
        <group delimiter=" ">
          <text value="Choreografie:"/>
          <names variable="script-writer"/>

My test data looks like this:

{"id":"uhlichRavemachine2016","abstract":"Tanzaufführung","citation-key":"uhlichRavemachine2016","issued":{"date-parts":[[2016,10,12]]},"publisher-place":"brut Wien","script-writer":[{"family":"Uhlich","given":"Doris"}],"title":"Ravemachine","type":"performance"}

This should be formatted as

Ravemachine. Choreografie: Doris Uhlich, brut Wien, Premiere: 12.10.2016.

Now, I’m getting this result in the online editor, and also with pandoc, but with Zotero the output is:

Ravemachine. Choreografie: Uhlich, Doris, brut Wien, Premiere: 12.10.2016.

I’ve checked the style for dangling name-as-sort-order attributes, but they don’t appear on cs:style or cs:bibliography, so I don’t think this is an inheritance issue.

What am I missing here? Does anyone know?

How are you testing? I did a quick test in Zotero (which doesn’t import your CSL JSON into the right format, so had to tweak some & it might not be identical) and getting “Choreografie: Doris Uhlich” there

That’s how to data looks in Zotero:


Anything wrong with that?

Regarding testing: I’ve checked in the included style editor, and in a dummy word document. (Or what do you mean with “How are you testing?”)

Just a quick follow-up here. I’d still be interested to hear if there’s something wrong with how I enter the data. @Sebastian_Karcher how do you enter the item?

I also get the wrong result “Ravemachine. Choreografie: Uhlich, Doris, brut Wien, Premiere: 12.10.2016” in Zotero’s Style Editor (Zotero 6.0.26 on macOS 13.3.1).

However when I run the fixture in the citeproc-js repository (laster master branch) with cslrun, it produces “Doris Uhlich” as expected.

It’s truly weird.

Thanks, @zepinglee, for your response. Now, I can guess what is going on, and it’s probably not so weird after all.

I bet @Sebastian_Karcher is using the latest beta version because with it the result is:


So, I guess the change is due to a change in citeproc-js, which must have been updated between Zotero 6.0.26 and 6.0.27-beta.3+3e12f3f20

Here we go: Update citeproc-js to 1.4.63 · zotero/zotero@9ce8855 · GitHub