MLA thesis type: type is missing and issued date is in the wrong place

Hi all. I’m hoping to get some help on 2 formatting issues for the thesis reference type when using MLA style.

MLA rule 5.113 states

The institution conferring the degree and the type of thesis or dissertation (BA, MA, or PhD) are essential to defining the work and should appear as a final supplemental element.

The example the MLA style guide gives is:

Njus, Jesse. Performing the Passion: A Study on the Nature of Medieval Acting. 2010. Northwestern U, PhD dissertation.

However, the MLA 9th edition that CSL produces has two issues:

  1. The publication date is after the publisher, instead of before
  2. The type/genre (e.g., “PhD dissertation”, “MA thesis”) is missing entirely

Any insight/help would be greatly appreciated!

It does look like the style omits any logic for theses, which is surprising.

Perhaps you could report it at the styles repo?

cc @Sebastian_Karcher

Sorry, yes, I have seen this. MLA 8 didn’t have any examples for theses, which is why this is missing.

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Sure thing. I will report it in the styles repo. Thanks!