Locator label affecting page range label?

In adapting a CSL style for my institution’s house style, I’ve run into an issue that seems to involve locator labels (p./pp.) affecting page range labels.

I am using pandoc (2.18) / citeproc (0.7) to convert markdown to docx. Bibliographic references are in a json file, created with Zotero.

In our house style, for, say chapters and articles, the first citation should give both the full page range as well as, if necessary, the specifically cited range of pages.

However, when the locator is a single page (p.), the label for the full page range also reverts to singular (p.); if the locator is plural, both labels are “pp.”.

If I insert the same citation directly via Zotero into the document using the same CSL file, the formatting is correct.

See the screenshot below: footnote 1 is produced using pandoc/citeproc; footnote 2 using a direct insertion into LibreOffice via Zotero. #1 is incorrectly formatted, #2 is correctly formatted. Both use the same CSL file.


Here is a link to my CSL file.

Is this an issue with citeproc? Or am I incorrectly formatting my CSL? Does anyone have any ideas what’s going on here?

Yeah, you’re doing everything right. I haven’t tested myself with pandoc, but your CSL style looks good and what you describe would be a pandoc/pandoc-citeproc bug. I’d report it over there with a MWE.

Thanks for the quick reply! I guess I’m glad it’s not just me not knowing what I’m doing, on the other hand, that makes this problem unsolvable for me for the moment.

Would that bug report (it would be my first) be best directed to the citeproc github page?

An MWE would include a 1) markdown file, 2) CSL file and 3) json file with references, I believe, or would there be some other element as well?

Thanks again!

John at pandoc tends to be pretty quick with bug fixes, thankfully. Yes, reporting to the citeproc github and yes on the MWE – if you can pare down your CSL file to the bare minimum that reproduces the issue, that’ll surely be appreciated.

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Done: Locator label affecting page range label · Issue #107 · jgm/citeproc · GitHub

I failed in the paring down of the CSL file. Every effort to make it smaller threw up errors. This is my first real attempt at CSL editing. I hope I can contribute to a solution.