OK, updated both the OWL and the RNG schemas to include collections.
An example of a nested collection is at the bottom. Am now thinking
there probably needs to be a separate concept of “user.” So a User
class and user property.

One of the cool things about using RDF and a good URI scheme, is you
can start off with more normalized data that is easier to push around
and merge. Ideally users don’t really have to mess with the actual
citation data, and all they care about is their annotations and such
(the collections, tags, and notes). Hard to get there, but perhaps
within the realm of possibility?

BTW, if zotero hosts an openid server, those ids can serve double-
duty. So user can log-in and authenticate using “” or
"" and then the same id can be used to build on
as below. Then other (distributed) services can be built around it.


Some Collection Some Sub-Collection