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JSON pivot for Types


I’m not sure if this will be useful to anyone here or not but I created a pivot table of sorts for item types in: Zotero, CSL 1.0.1, CSL 1.0.2, eprints, fabio, DCMITypes,, and the Library of Congress Resource Types Scheme.

Obviously with such a wide range of schemas, there are some gaps where semantics do not align, or where coverage is absent. Primary interest was alignment with Zotero, but I use a lot of CSL types via the Extra field so, CSL did also rise in relevance. Some objects in CSL 1.0.2, may be missing. One to many relationships between Zotero and other schemas were not explored, and where possible the generic option was chosen. Comments welcome. I’m still new to JSON, having only used it a few times. If there are technical improvements to consider, I’m open to learning.


I have some feedback:

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