journal file and short titles

Re: the question of naming styles, I recall that there are sort of
standard abbreviations for journals. Those might be sensible to use

But I’m not aware of any nice web service that give you these.

So I went back to a large csv file I downloaded from the OCLC way
back. It’s basically their list of periodicals. I first converted to
simple XML, and have this sort of thing:

I then have an XSLT that will process it a bit and yield:

<Periodical issn="0001-4273">
   <title>Academy of Management Journal</title>
   <title>Academy of Management journal.</title>
   <title>Acad Manage J</title>

An interesting trick is that most of the entries from the MEDLINE
database are shortened titles. So I can just use the XSLT to derive
abbreviated titles. It generally works, but right now I’m getting
stuff like:

<Periodical issn="0001-320X">
   <shortTitle>Aberdeen University review.</shortTitle>
   <shortTitle>Aberdeen Univ Rev</shortTitle>
   <shortTitle>Aberdeen University Review</shortTitle>

Anyone know a good regular expression is distinguish an abbreviated
title? Looking for "J " is easy, but not reliable.

With a clean file, it could be a good lookup table, since I’d rather
not have to think about the business of abbreviation myself!

BTW, I was contemplating trying to break up the file (which is about
7 MB) based on database since that’s a sort of proxy for broad areas,
but am not so sure.