Inline markup for citeproc-js

I am happy to report that citeproc-js now has reasonably solid code
for handling inline markup. As currently configured, the parser
recognizes single and double quotation marks, plus the following
html-like tags: , , , , (the last being shorthand
for “small-caps”). Mismatched tags are left in the output, and
escaped along with the rest of the content string. Quotes and the
and tags render in “flip-flop” fashion, the former taking the form
required by the locale if entered as Courier-style " and ’ characters.
Tags are converted to the markup appropriate to the output mode (i.e.
HTML, RTF). It should all just work.

With this, I fancy that I have crossed the last major hurdle in the
initial phase of development, and look forward to the final work
needed in order to bring the processor up to CSL 1.0, and to make
integration with Zotero possible.