ibid, first/subsequent rules

I didn’t hear anything on the ibid rules, so guess I’ll just make an
executive suggestion. How about …

The scope of ibid behavior distinguishes between notes and primary body
content. A citation shall only be treated as corresponding to an ibid
situation if it is within the same scope. For example, if a citation
appears in the body of a document and then immediately subsequently in
a note, the latter shall not be considered an ibid citation.

That seems straightforward enough to me, and the behavior in my code is
probably a consequence of the fact that scope can’t matter for things
like numbering and such (e.g. I wrote it for the general problems, but
it’s a bug). I don’t at the moment see any need to make it

This raises an interesting related issue though: how should we treat
first/subsequent? Can a “first” citation only be in the document body?
Relevant really only to note and in-text (like Bluebook) styles, so the
potential issue I am imagining would only be possible in the latter.


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