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How to best deal with backlog of issues?

I have the impression that one thing that prevents us from making progress with CSL development is that there’s a huge backlog of issues. Any ideas how we should deal with that? I’ve been toying around with a new “Next” column on the board to allow for more focused discussions. But I’m not sure if that is really a good approach? What do you think? Or we start “sprint” where we quickly categorize the issues (as proposed here). Some are probably easy to deal with. Others need more discussion.

Edit: Perhaps we should just move all issues with milestone “CSL 1.2” to the accepted column. There’s been a consensus that they should be implemented, right? Of course, there remain open questions regarding implementation, but that’s a different discussion.)

OK, so we need three buckets: accepted, rejected, not sure.

I’ll rename it to “in progress” or something.

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