Help to find developers for an add-on for Libre/OpenOffice


we are planning to have a “Docear4LibreOffice” being developed, i.e. an
add-on for LibreOffice to manage citations based on BibTeX and CSL. If
someone of you is interested in helping us with the development (for money,
if wanted), please send us an email. We would also highly appreciate if you
could help us promoting our search for capable developers. For more
information read here

Joeran Beel
Founder & Researcher
Docear - The Academic Literature Suite


Our LibreOffice add-on ( is open source. It consists of a high-level API for working with reference fields in documents, which may be useful to you, and an IPC layer built on top of it, which you may not need. If you do decide to use it, we hope you’ll contribute back any improvements.


Hello Simon,

thank you very much for the information, I wasn’t aware of your add-on
being open source. When we find a developer, I will discuss with him
whether it makes more sense to develop our own solution or to use your
add-on as a base. Be ensured that if we use your add-on, we will contribute
back any important changes we make.

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