given name disambiguation

This example brings up an interesting question about how given name
disambiguation should work:

Do we need to change the expectations for this processing? Is this a
Zotero bug? Do we need to tweak CSL?


I do not remember the details but I’m quite sure my implementation
should be behaving as this user is expecting if short names are used
in the style. That is to say, initials are added only when two
different citations are producing the same output - same names and
same years. As far as I remember, when is used,
“disambiguate-add-given-names” should add only the initials if they
are different. If the initials are the same then the full name is
used. If the full names are equal then the style is (re)evaluated with
the “disambiguate” conditional set to “true” (This is the reason why I
asked to get rid of the “disambiguate-add-title” option, which in fact
has been deprecated by the “disambiguate” conditional).

I remember we had a discussion on this list about the Zotero
implementation of disambiguation options, which is quite bugged
indeed. There should be a ticket related to that.

So, if I’m right CSL is fine.

Here you should find a test-suite I put together when dealing with
this issue (there are some data and some styles):

Hope this helps.