Error generating preview in Zotero Style Repository

I’m generated a German style variant of the Chicago Author-Date style. It
works and is also validated. But hovering the mouse over the link it says
"Error generating preview". I’m a newbie on these things and would need

I based my variant on Julian’s " Chicago Manual of Style (Author-Date
format)". In adapting this style I came across of some problems in the
program logic as well. (At least I think so) I would be happy if Julian - or
somebody else - could have a look into it. I’ve commented the changes
extensively in the file.***

Another more general question: All offered public styles need some minor but
important changes in order to be correct in German. Some examples:
-> We do not have a comma before the particle “and” after a list of authors.
-> After some terms like “accessed” or “in” we would need a colon in German.

It is a certain overhead to generate a separate style variant just for these
minor localization issues and it clutters up the style repository as well.
But what would be an alternative?

Sorry, if these questions are trivial or out of scope.


The server we use to generate previews is temporarily unavailable.