Embedded CSL fields in Mendeley Word & OO documents

What “schema” are you referring to here?


I mean the schema for this JSON that we’re embedding in the Word processor

Rintze suggested using a URL/URI instead of just using a version number.

I guess eventually we’ll want to supply two JSON schemas for CSL. A core
schema for item metadata (the contents of “itemData” in your example*), and
a broader schema for citation objects (the contents of “CslCitation”). Also,
it would be nice if the URIs of these schemas would be resolvable. I think
Bruce is a proponent of moving all CSL development to github, so maybe we
can use URIs similar to those of the CSL styles. But I’m not sure what those
will look like.


Yeah, it seems that one can use the URI id to resolve linked schemas,
so this is why Rintze used a schema id with a github base:


So I’d say you guys could submit it here with a similar id if you like.

I don’t have a strong opinion though.

I do think at some point we need to look at tweaks the schema. For
example, I’d prefer to move to using ISO/EDTF for the date
representation when it’s ready.



As a heads-up, this is now included in the recent development preview*
release of Mendeley.



Particularly once Zotero is implementing the same thing (is it yet?),
it might be worth trumpeting this as rather more open than Endnote’s
equivalent. E.g. this:

“The Word and OpenOffice plugins now store a mini-library of cited
publications inside your documents. When updating a Word document,
Mendeley Desktop can import citations from the Word document back into
your Mendeley library if necessary (for example, if you cited a
publication which has subsequently been removed from your library).”

… sounds like marketing material on Endnote from the 1990s :wink:

How about adding something like:

“The citation data is stored in an open and documented format [insert
link], which opens the door to sharing documents among collaborators
using different references managers that support the same format.
Mendeley puts a high priority on both your data and the documents you
create with it being as open as possible.”

E.g. you’ve done the work towards that end, so market it.