Database schema(s) supporting xbiblio fields?

This is a side question for the xbiblio developers: Is there an
accessible database schema for bibliographic metadata that supports
the sort of field granularity that xbiblio supports? Obviously systems
like Papers, Mendeley, etc. have databases where they stash all the
data that ultimately get xbiblio-ified. I’m wondering if there is a
"standard" (or more likely of course, several standards :slight_smile: for those
data, either as some sort of formal schema or even a detailed


Dean Pentcheff

When you say “xbiblio” what do you mean? CSL?

And by “database schema” you mean SQL database?

The problem is defining your needs, and how closely you want your data
representation to match the CSL model.

So, for example, if you want a very close mapping, you could base a
schema on the csl input schema, which is defined in JSON.

If you want something more structured and relational, you could look
at something I also had a hand in; an RDF model:

For something a little more middle ground, awhile back I was playing
around with modeling this stuff using some nosql DSLs.


In the case of Papers, the database layer is quite different from the CSL specs, and we have a translation layer to generate proper output based on the CSL specs.