Citation Style Language

CUE language as alternative to yaml, json

This is pretty cool, though not quite mature enough to be a viable solution for csl input schemas.

Basic idea is to merge machine-friendliness of JSON with the human-friendliness of YAML, which can be easily converted to and from either.

And also, provide a much simpler schema definition language than JSON schema.

#Conn: {
    address:  string
    port:     int
    protocol: string
    ...    // any field

lossy: #Conn & {
    address:  ""
    port:     8888
    protocol: "udp"
    foo: 2                                  

Exported to YAML:

  port: 8888
  protocol: udp
  foo: 2

Also, I tried converting our csl-citation.json schema into cue, but it complained about not currently supporting “items.”

Still, this is worth keeping an eye on.