compare citations tool

As mentioned, it was a hack thrown together very quickly, but you can
grab a copy here (rar file):

Mendeley Limited | London, UK |
Registered in England and Wales | Company Number 6419015

Can you double-check that link?I just get to a binary file.

save it as a rar file, then unrar it.

Odd. In any case, after compiling and installing unrar, I get the
files. But all I see is a “get bib” button that doesn’t seem to do


open the index.htm file.

This was a hack, so the code is very rough and ready, and only put
together in under 24hrs. It was a really nice little hack day event,
but one of the problems with these events is that the hacks often
don’t get much love after, as people often are pressed for time.

I’ve let the hack the group I was working on linger a bit too

  • Ian