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since I found that the csl-evolution repository has been archived for whatever reason, I thought I move my proposal here.

I see that CSL 1.0.2 added several name type variables. However, the specific one I need is missing. I have a collected book here (that is, each chapter was written by another person) which however is normally cited by the collection’s founding editor and not its current editors. That is, I need the equivalent of original-author for editors, something like original-editor. Biblatex has this as editortype set to to founder (see Biblatex documentation p. 20). Can this be added to CSL?

The book in question is Kodal (Begr.), Straßenrecht, 7. Aufl. 2010. I currently have chapters in it as CSL-JSON entries like so, but it’s effectively abusing original-author as this person was no author:

"id": "stahlhut2010straßengemgebr",
"type": "chapter",
"title": "Der schlichte Gemeingebrauch",
"container-title": "Straßenrecht",
"container-title-short": "StraßenR",
"chapter-number": "25",
"page": "714-782",
"edition": "7",
"issued": {
"date-parts": [["2010"]]
"publisher": "C.H. Beck",
"publisher-place": "München",
"author": [
{"family": "Stahlhut", "given": "Ulrich"}
"original-author": [
{"family": "Kodal", "given": "Kurt"}



We closed Evolution in favor of existing repos, so schema changes are here, but it usually makes sense, IMO, to talk through things here before going to the issue tracker.

I’m honestly a bit skeptical here – this does seem like an exceedingly rare category of creators and compared to BibLaTeX, adding new types and variables does have more costs in a language widely used in GUI-tools like CSL.

FWIW, there’s an open PR for CSL 1.1/1.2 that might cover exactly this situation: Add `label` attribute to names schema by bwiernik · Pull Request #337 · citation-style-language/schema · GitHub

FWIW, there’s an open PR for CSL 1.0.2 that might cover exactly this situation

Reading through this I agree that this covers the problem. If I could assign a label to editor names, it would work for me.

I’m honestly a bit skeptical here – this does seem like an exceedingly rare category of creators

I object. It’s very common among German legal commentaries to cite them by their founding editors. Examples from the intellectual property discipline include the standard commentary on the German copyright act Schricker/Loewenheim and the second-to-standard commentary on it, the Wandtke/Bullinger. The standard commentary on the German Civil Code has only recently been renamed from it’s founder (Palandt) (since the publisher finally decided to remove names of Nazi jurists from their current collection of works). From the field of data protection law there’s Auernhammer’s commentary on data protection law, again cited by founder. Handbooks like the already mentioned Kodal do occasionally follow this scheme as well, though I don’t have one at hand off the top of my head. All of these works do have a real title (The Schricker/Loewenheim commentary’s title is actually “Urheberrecht”), so it’s not as if one could just use the founder’s name as the title.

It’s basically tradition to cite a work by founder once it has achieved a certain degree of fame in a certain area of law. It does not always apply, but often enough that my citations of such work would be flagged as errorneous if I did not follow that.