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cc-ing xbib list …

The first problem I have come across is that in the code provided
(before I
touched anything) the tags are not being
processed and hence the titles in output test.html are not in italics.

This is the case in both Citproc 0.7 and 0.7-pre-1

Did you try the release version on SF? This may be due to a minor
change I made …

But I can can not get this to work because the tags do
pick up the higher level issue-date from within the
Are you able to copy the higher level issue-date into the container
tree ?
or can I refer to higer level data ?

Sure. Once you get farther along, just send me the CSL you have and
your expected output, and I’ll take a look.

I’m leaving town for a week tomorrow, and I have another deadline right
after that, so no rush.

I could probably work this out in time but I have only been working on
chicago-notes-a-en.csl file and have not worked out much about the

FYI, the problems here are probably, in the first case, in the output
driver files, and in the second in format-style.xsl. I expect they’re
easy to fix. Do try the release version, though, as I fixed a few bugs
in it.


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