Bug in authorless citations when using pandoc and apa.csl

I’m not sure if this problem is in apa.csl or pandoc, but you’ll note that when you run the command below on the attached test file you get an in-text citation that is broken: it only provides the title of the first citation (“Communities”)—it needs both (and “Geek Feminism”).

<p>I have two citations <span class="citation">(“Communities,” 2011, 2013)</span>.</p>
> pandoc --filter pandoc-citeproc -s --csl=apa.csl test.md -o test.html

pandoc-citeproc 0.7.2

Looks like a processor issue. With that input to apa.csl, citeproc-js yields:

(“Communities,” 2011, “Geek Feminism,” 2013)

Frank Bennett