bibmaps project

Since I’ve mentioned before this idea of creating basic bib mapping
login in simple json hashes, here’s a start:

Idea (which may be a bad one; not sure), is you might write a little
parser for, say, RIS, in some language, and get something like this
(the result of a ruby ris parser I found on github) …

“A1”=>[“Adelson,R. T.”],
“T1”=>“Nasal fracture”,
“A2”=>[“Roland,P. S.”],
“T2”=>“Otolaryngology Clinical Case Studies Oral Board Exam Review”,
“PB”=>“Anadem Publishing, Inc.”,
“CY”=>“Columbus, OH”,
“M1”=>“Book, Section”}]

… and that you’d then access these maps to know how to convert to
the CSL model. The trick would just be to make sure the values are
correct (string vs. array, etc.).

It’s really just machine-readable documentation of sorts.