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BibLaTeX "@inbook" type

Would chapter be a good type mapping for BibLaTeX’s @inbook? They specifically note in the manual that it’s not supposed to be a chapter (like in normal BibTeX) in section 2.3.1, but I don’t think that book would be a better match, given that the CSL-JSON entry would have title, container-title and collection-title. Not that the APA style seems to handle collection-title for either:

Chapter: Shakespeare, W. (n.d.-a). King Lear. In Tragedies (Vol. 1, pp. 53–159).
Book: Shakespeare, W. (n.d.-b). King Lear. Tragedies (Vol. 1, pp. 53–159).

Example entry (from the biblatex manual, page 35):

    author = {Shakespeare, William},
    bookauthor = {Shakespeare, William},
    maintitle = {Collected Works},
    booktitle = {Tragedies},
    title = {King Lear},
    volume = {1},
    pages = {53-159},

Yes. Biblatex inbook should be mapped to CSL chapter. This is what pandoc-citeproc does and it’s absolutely appropriate.

I guess the problem here is that “chapter” is somewhat ambiguous. Bibtex uses inbook for things like “Chapter 1”, but biblatex’s inbook is like CSL chapter for a self contained work in a larger work. (“Chapter 1” wouldn’t be regarded as self contained.)

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