BibLaTeX "@inbook" type

Would chapter be a good type mapping for BibLaTeX’s @inbook? They specifically note in the manual that it’s not supposed to be a chapter (like in normal BibTeX) in section 2.3.1, but I don’t think that book would be a better match, given that the CSL-JSON entry would have title, container-title and collection-title. Not that the APA style seems to handle collection-title for either:

Chapter: Shakespeare, W. (n.d.-a). King Lear. In Tragedies (Vol. 1, pp. 53–159).
Book: Shakespeare, W. (n.d.-b). King Lear. Tragedies (Vol. 1, pp. 53–159).

Example entry (from the biblatex manual, page 35):

    author = {Shakespeare, William},
    bookauthor = {Shakespeare, William},
    maintitle = {Collected Works},
    booktitle = {Tragedies},
    title = {King Lear},
    volume = {1},
    pages = {53-159},

Yes. Biblatex inbook should be mapped to CSL chapter. This is what pandoc-citeproc does and it’s absolutely appropriate.

I guess the problem here is that “chapter” is somewhat ambiguous. Bibtex uses inbook for things like “Chapter 1”, but biblatex’s inbook is like CSL chapter for a self contained work in a larger work. (“Chapter 1” wouldn’t be regarded as self contained.)

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As for representing “Chapter 1” in CSL, how would that be? There’s no title, no variable like chapter-number, should it just be a locator on a book entry (like in BibLaTeX)?

Yes. I don’t think “chapter 1” should be a bibliographic item. In general, I’d include the whole book in the bibliography. Citations can then refer to pages, chapters or other locators. But I think it wouldn’t be useful to have references to specific chapters in the bibliography. (Edited Books are a different story, of course.)

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Oh there is a chapter-number, I’m just…

Fine. But 3 questions.

  1. What field would you use for this in biblatex?
  2. Also, can this field in Zotero via the GUI? Don’t think so.
  3. Are there CSL styles that actually use that variable?

I meant using the book type together with chapter-number instead of locator. I agree it’s a bad idea to provide any entry without a title (like a chapter with only container-title and chapter-number). To address your questions:

  1. It maps to chapter (that’s what I was looking for a mapping for)
  2. Nothing for the book type, but session for hearing and bill.
  3. Some do, including the style that produces BibTeX output (where it’s mapped to chapter)

Either way, it’s better than nothing: in CSL-JSON, entries don’t have the locator, that’s only for citations (in optional parameters).