a challenge (was [TEST] disambiguation)

So, Frank, something maybe for later, but at least to keep in mind now:

Here’s another fun one, both for names, as well as other stuff.



De Bary, Wm. Theodore De Bary, et al, eds.,
1969 The Buddhist Tradition in India, China, and Japan. New York:
The Modern
Ishii Shūdō 石井修道
1987 Sōdai zenshūshi no kenkyū 宋代禅宗史の研究. Tokyo: Daitō Shuppansha.
1988 Chūgoku zenshūshi wa: “Mana Shōbōgenzō” ni manabu 中国全集史話「漢
字正法眼蔵」に学ぶ. Kyoto: Zen Bunka Kenkyūjō.

So Kanji AND transliterated roman names, as well as standard Western
names. Each are treated differently.

Small world – the Nanzan campus is 5 minutes’ walk from my office!

Here’s a good test for all of this: can we make them happy, both in
terms of the CSL syntax supporting what their style needs, and for the
implementations to correctly handle it?

Note, though, doing this requires support on the data end too. I
think, for example, it’s not that painful to support in RDF (using,
even FOAF), but Zotero, for example, can’t handle it ATM. Neither can
MODS, and certainly not BIbTeX, RIS, etc.

To me, this is a great example of a difficult real world challenge. I
would almost sit down with thee people (over tea?) and ask them what
they’d like to see in Zotero, in the styling, etc., and feed that info
back here and to the Zotero forums or dev list.