0.7 pre-release

I just put up this pre-release:


I fixed the last big bug (introduced when I yanked out a few templates
and reworked some code; took me ages to figure it out!). I’ve both
simplified the code a fair bit (I think I removed somewhere between 50
and 100 lines), and added the remaining big features:

-	first/subsequent
-	complex et al. config (see APA style)
-	footnote class is back in
-	???

Oh, SRU support is almost done, and once Matthias is ready we can
finish that.

The final 0.7 release (which is when I’ll announce) will:

-	clean up the code for better readability
-	rename and add some style files
-	add a nice HTML file that lists the styles and includes samples
-	new docs (though probably not greatly enhanced)
-	maybe a simple shell script to run it

There are also a few minor bugs I need to fix. Let me know if you have


I’m almost done (there were some delays since I had to revise a paper
first :-/). I think I’ve got everything except for the authentication
part which I’ll do this evening.