validate please

Just a reminder: make sure you validate style files against the schema
before checking them in. There are a lot of errors.

If there are problems you can’t fix, just post here.


Hello Bruce,

Your remarks about validating make sense. However, it seems to be
quite a challenge to validate anything against Relax NG Compact. XML
Nanny barks at it, xmllint doesn’t understand the compact version,
and Jing spits out this:

[Johan-Kools-PowerBook:~] jkool% java -jar /Users/jkool/Downloads/
jing-20030619/bin/jing.jar /Users/jkool/Developer/Biblio/csl/schema/
trunk/csl.rnc /Users/jkool/Developer/Biblio/csl/styles/apa.csl
/Users/jkool/Developer/Biblio/csl/schema/trunk/csl.rnc:1:1: fatal:
Content is not allowed in prolog.

Is there an easy way to validate? I know you use Oxygen, but I don’t
quite feel like buying it just to validate xml files. I hope I am not
missing something obvious here…


I think the easiest, best option is to install this:

If you don’t have the time for that (it’s easy to compile, but you do
have to compile it), you can convert to the XML syntax using Trang. Am
attaching a version just in case.

Also, the excellent nXML mode (bundled with the equally excellent Aqua
emacs) gives you real-time RNC valdiation and completion (though IIRC
correctly, you’re not an emacs user).


csl.rng (49.5 KB)