using pandoc to generate a repo

With the release of pandoc 1.8, it occurs to me that a super-simple
way to get a basic static repo running could be as simple as a little
script that take two arguments: csldir (for the git repo) and outdir
(where to dump the output), and then …

  1. updates the git styles (git pull)
  2. checks out the style files (and runs the output filter to add
    updated date-time stamp) and copies them to outdir
  3. runs pandoc on a standard markdown file and a custom template to
    add the style metadata and preview to the HTML output

So at this point we just have a big directory like:


We then need …

  1. an .htaccess file to do simple content-negotiation (to serve styles
    as text/x-csl)
  2. generate the index as a single file, using a sortable and
    filterable table (and maybe alternately as a json file?)

The result should be simple, low-resource, and fast.

We could then later replace it with a dynamic app (using, say,
citeproc-node for previewing) if we need more features or scale?