Use of CSL Funds 2022 Edition

Hi everyone,
Following up from the 2019 edition of this, I again want to raise the topic of spending some money for development.
We currently have a little over 7,000 USD post-tax in our accounts, you can see details in the budget spreadsheet.

My proposals for spending some of that money in a way that benefits CSL:

  1. Emiliano (@retorquere ) again helped us enormously with migrating and further improving CI/Sheldon, which is absolutely indispensable in reviewing styles. I think it’s appropriate to compensate this work.
  2. I’d really like to invest a good chunk of money in an update of the csl-editor (see the discussion in the 2019 thread – other than updating it to the current style & schema, there’s been no progress). I’d suggest that we budget up to USD 4,000 for that. I’d search around some for interested developers. @larsgw of citations.js sounded like he might be interested, and Mattias Pipiari of said he might be – other suggestions or declaraitions of interest welcome

Any other things we should consider investing in?

We’ve also traditionally rewarded/incentivized major contributions to CSL (in the narrow sense, i.e. not counting processors). Here’s what I’m aware of in that respect since 2019:

  • The 1.0.2 update and preparation of the 1.1 update by @Bruce_D_Arcus1 , @bwiernik & @Denis_Maier
  • The staggering amount of fulfilled style requests by Patrick/damnation, whose approaching his 1000st pull request to csl/styles
  • The maintenance of the repository/review & merge of PRs by @Rintze_Zelle1 and me (and now, I’m happy to say, also Brenton)

Anything I’m missing?
Personally I’m not interested in getting money back from CSL – I make $500-1000/year on custom style requests that come through our website, which is plenty. I’m also sending a good number of those to Patrick, so he’s already getting some (very small) part of his work compensated.

I’ll reply more later, perhaps just editing this, but on the editor enhancement idea and possible anystyle tie in, I had an interesting conversation on this awhile back here:

Yes, I also think improving the visual editor would be great. Some ideas:

  • A simple MakeCSL tool would be great. This could be based on anystyle. Or, as we have a repository with a lot of style examples available, could github’s co-pilot be a useful model here?
  • I’d like to see an easier way to include references, maybe use a public Zotero group or so.
  • I’ve used @cormacrelf’s jest-csl in the past, and I really like the test driven approach. Maybe something similar could be implemented in the visual editor.

OK, to start moving this along: I’d like to suggest US$500 for @retorquere for his CI work – he’s taking up drumming, and that’ll buy him some nice gear, while it’s still more than a bargain for all the work he’s done for us in automating processes.
If I could get a couple of affirmative thumbs up on this, in particular from @Bruce_D_Arcus1 and @Rintze_Zelle1 (bc of governance), that’d be great. Unless there are objections (and please, do feel free to voice those if you have concerns about this), I’d pay this out in two weeks, i.e. on March 16, 2022.


@Sebastian_Karcher, sure!

I’m very happy to support Emiliano